RSROC Introduction

Founded in 1951, The Radiological Society of the Republic of China (RSROC) has been active in furthering research, education and clinical practice in radiology. The RSROC devotes itself as the center of communication for all issues in Radiology related areas. The goal of the Society is to bring all related medical fields together to benefit each patient. To achieve this goal, the RSROC encourages research, educational events, academic lectures and recording of these efforts through its official publication, the Chinese Journal of Radiology.

Besides performing its core functions, the RSROC holds its annual meeting, inviting its entire thousand member base with an average attendance of 1300. The members of the RSROC include 1022 radiologists. Through this strong member base, the RSROC provides important medical advice to the Public Health Bureau and Medical Education organizations

2019 ~ 2022 Executive Committee

President 理事長
Wing P. Chan
Honorary Board 名譽理事
Chien-Yao Hsu Tsuen Chang Chien-Fang Yang San-Kan Lee Cheng-Yen Chang Yi-Hong Chou
Executive Board 常務理事
Yeun-Chung Chang Hsian-He Hsu Yu-Fan Cheng Li-Jen Wang
Board 理事
Cheng-Yu Sandy Chen Chao-Bao Luo Ho-Fai Wong Shyh-Jye Chen Wei-Che Lin Chin-Hua Yang Guo-Shu Huang Haw-Chang Howard Lan Jen-I Hwang Mein-Kai Gueng Wan-Yuo Guo Tzu-Lung Ho Hon-Man Liu Rheun-Chuan Lee Kwo-Whei Lee Shinn-Forng Steven Peng
Control Board 常務監事
Chui-Mei Tiu
Supervisor 監事
Huan-Wu Chen Mu-Huo Michael Teng Chia-Chun Hsu Yi-Fen Wang Teh-Chen Wang Chi-Chang Clayton Chen
Secretary General 秘書長
Wen-Jeng Lee